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milkyMilk flavouring straws

Our products make milk more fun – children everywhere love them. Therefore they are more willing to drink at least one glass of milk, which is important for their health and growth.

The product is a straw, which has similar

formation like normal straight straw has, but it contains flavoured beads that magically transform milk into fun. Our most popular flavours are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana, while we also have many other flavouring options to meet our customer’s needs.

Thanks for the technological development in 2011, our straws have been being produced without filter parts. In this way the product is totally safe, the ends of the straws are made in a special way to avoid the beads falling out, and they do not contain moving parts anymore.


How to use
Put the straw into a glass of room temperatured milk (about 200 ml) and enjoy the amazing flavours! Children under 3 years can use only with parental supervision!
The straws are:
• All natural: no artifical flavours, colours or preservatives
• Gluten free
• Lactose free
• GMO-free


Our product is a straw, but filled with magical granulates. Both ends of the straws are closed so the granulates stay inside of the straw during the whole consumption. The only thing you have to do is to put the straw into a glass of milk, and drink the milk with the straw. As milk goes through your straw, it dissolves the granulates, so the milk will have the flavour of the granulates. It makes much more fun to drink the milk with the straw for kids, and parents can be also happy, because kids will drink the whole glass of milk, getting all benefits of the healthy beverage.


POS items

We offer different packagings for different customers and different purposes, such as displays, big trays, etc. For instance one of our most popular ways of packaging is a paper display, holding 24 pcs. of 5 pcs. bags. This is suitable for shelves, next to cocoa powder for example.


An other good idea is a plastic clip strip display, which can be hanged on the milk coolers in the shops.



This display can be shipped in so-called tranzit boxes: these are colourfull printed carton boxes, each can hold one already filled clip strip display with 24 bags. All the displays have instruction for the buyer about the recommented placements. We recomment this for small shops, who don’t want to buy full cartons and thousands of straws.


Further displays and placements are also availabe.

See our cataloge for more information.


Our Company

ViteCer Kft. has been handling the production of Milk flavouring straws since 2005, continously fulfilling the requirements of the market.

Our company is located in Hungary, but you can find our products anywhere in the World.

Our production technology is uniqe and legally protected: the straws are produced on an automatic production line.

We have one of the highest food safety certifications in Europe: the IFS 6 (International Food Standard), which we renew every year.



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